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SHIELED CONNETOR: Ugreen network connetor offers shieled RJ45 Crimp Connectors for CAT5E,CAT5 Network Cable

BETTER DATA TRANSFER: With STP 8P8C 50 micron Gold Plated Connectors,the ethernet connectors achieve better data transmitting.

APPLY: The network connector applier to max cable jacket OD is 0.26 inches and max conductor OD is 0.40 inches
MATERIAL: Clear Plastic
Ugreen RJ45 crimp connectors plugs, which is made of durable oxygen-free copper and plastic materials, and suitable for Cat5e and Cat5 cable. It is perfect for building custom length network cables, and convenient for personal use and easily connected

-8 contacts (8P 8C) for 8 wire connections
-Suitable for Cat5e and Cat5 cable.
-50 Micron Gold plated leads for better data transmitting and higher signal strength
-Color:Clear Plastic Materials