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UGREEN 40238 VGA to HDMI Converter converts PC VGA and audio to HDMI, allowing connection of PC to 1080p HDTV. It supports multiple resolution up to 1920x1080@60HZ. It is without scaler, while it supports the most popular resolutions to ensure high compatibility with wide brands of PCs and HDTVs. It provides cheaper solution of connecting PC to HDTV.

Item Code:
White: 40235
Black: 40213
1. Input: 1 X VGA, 1x USB;
2. Output: 1 X HDMI;
3. HDCP compliance;
4. PC VGA Resolution: 1920 X 1080@60Hz, 1360 X 768@60Hz, 1280 X1024 @60Hz, 1024 X 768 @60Hz, 1280 X 720 @60Hz, 1280 X 768 @60Hz,800 X 600 @60Hz, 640 X 480 @60Hz, 720 X 400 @85Hz.
5.The converter takes audio from the computer via USB and embeds it to the HDMI output along with video.
MM106 UGREEN VGA+Audio+power to HDMI converter x1;